Advisory Board (TT) Procedure .hu domain registration complaint

The start of the process

  • Pursuant to the .hu registration regulations  , an Advisory Board procedure can be requested for all newly submitted domain registration requests within 8 days of the submission of the registration request. This is the first step to report a complaint.
  • It is possible to submit the complaint documentation at the same time as the complaint is indicated or after. The deadline for submitting a complaint supported by documentation of the Advisory Board procedure is possible within 14 days after the start of registration.

If the complaint is reported, but documents or a position are not communicated to the Registry, the complaint automatically becomes invalid after the deadline. In this case, a registered .hu domain can be attacked with the help of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum without the assistance of a registrar.


  • The Complainant has 8 days to respond after receiving the complaint. As long as the complaint has only been indicated, but the complaint has not been submitted, we cannot talk about an actual complaint. Answering here only means submitting documents expressing your right to the domain name.
    If the Complained Party does not send documentation, then the Advisory Board will make a decision solely based on the Complainant’s objection.


The procedural fee for the Advisory Board procedure is HUF 100,000 + VAT,
and the labor fee is HUF 25,000 + VAT,
i.e. a total of HUF 125,000 + VAT per domain (one hundred and twenty-five thousand HUF + VAT).
23VNet Kft. sends invoice to the party whose case it is dealing with on the request form.

Submitting the documentation

The condition for submitting the documentation is the payment of the invoice fee.*
If a party fails to do so, its documentation will not be submitted to the Registry, and the procedure will be terminated. From now on, the domain dispute falls under the jurisdiction of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum .

*The preliminary request for the procedural and labor fee is in accordance with the provisions of the .hu domain registration regulations , according to which

9.6. The case-by-case resolution contains a resolution regarding the fulfillment of the specific request of a specific domain applicant. Before the delegation, the Advisory Board may request a decision on a case-by-case basis by the Registry or any Registrar at its own discretion, or at the request of the domain applicant or the Complainant objecting to the application. The Registrar may make the acceptance of the order for the initiation of the procedure dependent on the client paying or depositing the procedure fee .

9.8 The Registrar of the domain applicant is obliged to pay the procedural fee for the case-by-case decision of the Advisory Board to the Registry if the Advisory Board decides that the Complainant’s request cannot be fulfilled. Otherwise, the fee
shall be paid a) by the Registrar of the Complainant in the case of a procedure initiated according to 9.1 or

The Registrar is entitled to pass on the costs related to the procedure to his principal.

Special case, both party at same Registrar

If the Complainant entrusts the same Registrar with the submission of the complaint with which the Complainant started the registration of the domain name, then the Complainant also becomes the principal of the Registrar and the Registrar can make the acceptance of the order to initiate the procedure dependent on the payment of a fee or deposit.


23VNet Kft. will refund to the winning party the procedural fee paid to 23VNet Kft.