Changes implemented by the .hu Registry for a .hu domain request from 2022.07.01


  1. In case of a new registration there is no need for a domain application form.

  2. -The request will be charged per placed request and not when they are approved.

    -The domain name have to be double checked alongside with the domain profile and it’s data when it’s placed since we can not refund any faulty request from 2022.07.01

    -The request can not be modified by deletion and resubmitting it correctly.

    -The owner or administrative contact change will require a domain application form.

    -This change is also includes transfer or modification requests.

  3. There is 30 days for the request to be approved.
    We can not resubmit request, if the request won’t be completed in 30 days we will delet the request without any refund.