.EU registration

.eu domain registration process

The availability of the desired domain name can be checked in the new domain menu

  • During the ordering process, it is necessary to choose a domain profile , which will contain the domain owner’s data*.
  • The system creates a request for a fee from the domain registration.
  • After the payment of the fee requester, we approve the payment and issue the electronic “Paid” invoice – final invoice. Approval is automatic for bank card and PayPal payments.
  • After payment, registration is automatic based on the selected domain profile. The process usually takes 5-15 minutes, if the EURid system is available.

Management of .eu domains

The name servers of the registered domain name can be viewed and changed in the Manage Domains menu item. At least two properly configured name servers are required to use the domain.

Our web hosting packages include a free name server service. A free DirectAdminDNS package is also available, one is recommended in every customer account at hostit.hu. Each DirectAdminDNS package manages unlimited domains.

* If you do not have a domain profile yet, the system will automatically offer to create one. In case of .eu domain registration, it is necessary to enter the data in the domain profile without an accent. The owner can only be an EU citizen or organization.

.eu domain expiration date

It is important to know that in the case of many domain endings, there is a grace period of a few days after the expiration, while they have expired, but they still work. There is no such thing in the case of .eu. .eu domains are quarantined and become inoperable on their expiration date. It is therefore advisable to extend our important .eu domain name preferably one week before it expires.