How do I change domain contact information?

Depending on the tld, as follows:

In case of .hu domains with filled and by a owner-certified domain application form. Changing .hu domains can be made for the work price included in our current price list. Modifying contacts does not extend the domain expiration date.

The owner’s replacement requires a disclaiming declaration about the domain delegation.

If a beneficiary or a resigning party organization, a copy of the signature is also required


.hu domains are temporarily registered after registration (1.) They can not be modified during this 8-day period

In the last 7 days of their 2 year reservation they are also not possible in the state of termination (3).


after registrating a .hu domain contact information can not be changed from the 730 days of its maintenance in the first 8 and the last 7 days after registration


In the case of international domains, in the Domain management / M button beside the domain then in the Contact Information menu.

If this menu item indicates an error, please write us with the error message which contact of the domain you want to change.Important changes from 1 August 2016 (.com, .net, .org, .info, Based on ICANN’s 2C Change of Registrant Process, the modification of the owner and administrator that can be easily done is now approved it becomes. Key Features:

  • EPP key is not required,
  • but both old and new owners need to approve an email sent by an international registrar. If the old owner’s email address is the same as the new owner, you need to approve two emails.
  • A period of between 1 and 60 days for approval, according to our current information (29.06.2013), a 7-day approval period will be applied by international registrants.
  • After the successful modification, the domain will be blocked for 60 days, of which 5 days are required, 5 days after the blocking the unblocking can be requested from the international registrar.

We ask our Customers to ensure that their contact information is correct because there may be problems due to compulsory lock-up and prolonged administration that may cause the domains to be redirected to another registrar. If this happens and the domain is not renewed with the current registrar, the domain may become inoperable.