General Information

  • From 01.01.2021, the domain expiration date will remain the same with the change
  • For 2000HUF + VAT / domain fee ( https://hostit.hu/domain-prices ) we can make the .hu domain user change if all necessary documents :
     disclaimer or succession document +
     domain application form +
     copy of the signature copy in the case of a legal entity
    have been presented in advance and the invoice containing the fee for the modification has also been paid.
  • If the domain owner changes with the change of registrar, both the registration fee and the fee of the request are required to be paid.

Documents and fees

Please prepare the necessary documents before starting the owner changing process:

  • Cancellation statement or court order or a document confirming succession.
  • A copy of Signature specimen (for organization only – Aláírási címpéldány – the document certifying the signature). In the case of a resigning individual, two witnesses certify the signature.
  • Domain Application Form

, after the preparation please contact us via a support ticket from your Customer Account, then our colleagues will create a invoice for the process.

Data Updates

If the owner’s identity does not change just only the administration contact, it can be updated using a domain application form (in case of organization + a copy of Signature specimen ). Updating the data is free of charge. .HU domain administrative contact must be Hungarian.