.hu domain transfer requirements

If you want to transfer a Hungarian domain, you will need

  1. a filled out domain application form
    completed and signed domain application form (printed, signed after printing, then scanned)
  2. owner clarification document(s):
    • in case of company  – certificate of signing authority* and copy of the register**,
      *certificate of signing authority in Hungary = aláírási címpéldány. Every Hungarian company has their own, which clarifies the company owner’s signature
      **official document certifying the company registration. Electronic copy is also accepted if the official source url is included
    • in case of private individual  – declaration about personal ID.
      A private document with full probative value
  3. at least 2 name servers which meets .hu Registry’s requirements. You can check your name servers in Domain.hu ‘s Technical checking page.

Transfer takes 1-3 working days.

Please note: There is no AUTH code or EPP KEY for .hu domains. If your registrar asks for it, maybe you are working with wrong registrar.

.hu domain owner change:
– all transfer documents, qualified name servers + disclaiming declaration about the domain delegation (printed, signed after printing, then scanned) are required

.hu domain owner change is a manual process. The actual modification fee is available here. Please specify the domains and ask a quote .

Modification takes 1-3 working days. Results are displayed on the .Registry’s page.

Which document is required? When?

domain application formdomain waiveraláírási címpéldány from the resigning partyaláírási címpéldány from the new owneraláírási címpéldány from the current owner
when owner is a company and the owner changesYESYESYESYESYES ( current owner = resigning party)
when owner is a company and not changesYESnononoYES
when owner is a person and the owner changesYESYESnoYES (if the new owner is a company, otherwise no)no
when owner is a person and not changesYESnononono
Documents for .hu transfer. When is it essential?