.hu domain transfer requirements

If you want to transfer a hungarian domain, you will need

  1. a filled out domain application form,
  2. owner clarification document(s):
    • in case of company¬† – certificate of signing authority and copy of the register,
    • in case of private individual¬† – declaration about personal ID.
  3. at least 2 nameservers which meets .hu Registry’s requirements. You can check your nameservers in Domain.hu ‘s Technical checking page.

Transfer takes 1-3 working days.

Please note: There is no AUTH code or EPP KEY for .hu domains. If your registrar asks for it, maybe you are working with wrong registrar.

.hu domain owner change:
– all transfer documents, qualified nameservers + disclaiming declaration about the domain delegation are required

.hu domain owner change is a manual process. The actual modification fee is available here. Please specify the domains and ask a quote .

Modification takes 1-3 working days. Results are displayed on the .Registry’s page.