New design, menu changes

Dear Customer!

New design of is here. There are some changes in menu, that you should know.

The original Login menu contained 4 submenu: Login, Password reminder, Create Account and My Cart original login menu

In the new design they are individual links, except the Password reminder, which is now part of the Login pagehostit login new

In original design, the Support menu contained 4 submenus: Knowledgebase, Helpdesk, Contact us and Terms of Service.hostit support old


New design contains only an (i) Support link. There are The links from the original design are in the (i) Support page except Term os Service menu, which is in bottom of all pages.hostit support new

The new design active from 24 January, 2017.

We hope, that the new simplified and mobile compatible design will be more comfortable for all customers.