Electronic .hu domain Registration

Hostit.hu’s registration process for .hu domains.

The .hu registration process key points:

  • The owner and the administrative contact must be properly selected during the domain ordering process. If the profile does not exists, new domain profile creation is required.
  • After the successfully payment, the domain will be automatically created in the .hu registration system within 5 minutes, and the technical check (RegCheck) process begins.
  • If the RegCheck* fails, then you need to reassign nameserver configuration via Domains / Manage domains menu with Manage button.
  • If the technical check runs successfully, then .hu Registry sends an agreement and approval e-mail to the e-mail address what you set in your domain profile
  • After your successfully approval, .hu Registry judges about the domain. .hu Domain Registration Policy  In the case of a positive assessment your domain will be available for you hopefully within a few hours.

Who can be the owner of a .hu domain?

Citizens, companies and organizations from these countries: HU domain owner country list.
.hu Registry checks every .hu domain registration and transfer request. If the owner name or ID is not set properly, will not approve the delegation or transfer.
Please set the owner name and id exactly as in official documents!

Organization as domain holder:

The .hu Registry accepts the tax number as an identifier, which is one of the easiest to verify and simple identification for companies. The tax number of European companies must be verified by VIES. If the registrant is a non-European company or other identifier is provided, a copy of company documents may be required.

Private person as domain holder:

Sometimes .hu Registry asks for private statement of the claimant about your personal data. You can download a sample from here. Any document can be accepted which meets the private document with full probative value criteria.

A private document with full probative value

the original description in Hungarian is available here. The site can be translated into any language with the Google Translator link on the page.

This process can be applied only for the new domain registrations. For the transfer process, you will need the .hu domain application form as usual.

*Technical check (RegCheck) takes approximately 10 minutes after nameserver change or after registration start. In this time interval the domain’s state is regcheck error. You can test your nameserver settings with your domain here: Official .hu domain registry, RegCheck page

**.hu Registry can ask the .hu domain application form anytime, if they think something is missing or unusual with the registration or the delegation is against the .hu registration rules.