hu domain registration changes – private contact person

According to the National Data Protection and Information Authority (NAIH), it is much more reassuring that in the case of a natural person contact person contributing to the data is not indirectly disclosed by the claimant’s statement but the written consent of the person concerned including the statement to the domain request.

The Registry has accordingly amended Section 2.1.b of the Privacy Notice, and

from 2018/10/08

does not accept the request (neither new registration nor modification / request / transfer) where a contact (admin-c, tech-c or zone-c) is a natural person other than the claimant / user and if the statement isn’t uploaded in the registrys archive.

If it’s been uploaded before, please refer to a domain where this statement can be found.


The statement must include the information intended to be recorded in the domain registration system:
name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number, and authenticated in the normal way (should be included in a private document with full probative force).

Please note that if there is a change in these data and the registrar updates them, a new statement is required that is in line with the new data.


Declaration sample