I have got an e-mail about .hu technical checking error (regcheck error). What should I do?

.hu Registry checks the domains nameservers before delegation and transfer. If the domain is not set to our webhosting package or our free cpanel dns package, after this report we will set it.
The .hu Registry technical requirements for .hu domains:

  • at least 2 authoritive nameservers are necessary
  • both of them must contains the same zone file
  • they must must be on separated networks (ipv4: at least on different www.xxx.yyy.zzz/24 )
  • SOA mail address or alias must exists
  • the MX server have to accept postmaster@”yourdomain.hu” e-mails

You can check your domain with your nameserver at this page:.hu Registry regcheck page


If the check fails and you cannot correct the settings easy, you do not have to worry. Please open a Ticket. For .hu registrations we will provide to you a CPanelDNS package for free. After registration you can change the nameservers, when the regcheck errors are corrected.


If you want to avoid these regcheck errors, please set your nameservers before uploading domain application form.